No Service Contracts

Why We Don’t Offer Service Contracts

Don’t be fooled by special deals, packages, or contracts—they probably won’t save you any money.​

Most service contracts cost between $150 and $500 annually, but they cover only one or two service visits a year. They are not a warranty, and repairs or filter changes are additional charges the customer has to pay for.

For many homeowners, it’s often less costly to have a licensed HVAC technician perform one annual service, especially if your system is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Putting Our Customers First

Oak View Mechanical is committed to you, our customer. We value integrity and honesty, and we’ll never sell you something you don’t need. 

We’ve even compiled handy field guides so you can safely and confidently handle minor maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner. Of course, if you’re not confident doing the work yourself, you can always give us a call.


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